Past PILAS Conferences

2017 PILAS Conference
University of Leeds, 26 - 27 June 2017

The Postgraduates in Latin American Studies (PILAS) Committee invites postgraduate researchers and junior academics from the arts, humanities and social sciences fields to present their work, engage in debate, and share their research on Latin America. PILAS Annual Conference 2017 was be held at the University of Leeds on the 26 and 27 of June 2017. The Conference was free to attend and included keynote speakers, workshops and engaging social activities. The theme of the conference is “Discontinuities and Resistance in Latin America”. For more information visit:

2016 PILAS Conference
University of Newcastle, 29-30 June

Postgraduates in Latin American Studies (PILAS), the postgraduate branch of the Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS), invite postgraduate researchers from diverse social, natural and applied scientific fields, arts, and humanities to present their work, engage in debate, and share perspectives about their research on Latin America, at the PILAS 2016 conference was held at the Newcastle University on 29 & 30 June. It was free to attend and included in addition to keynote speakers, sessions on postdoctoral and other academic job opportunities; and a session on how to publish articles and book reviews. More information can be found at:

2015 PILAS Conference
University of Cambridge, 22-24 June

Over eighty delegates from a variety of universities gathered in Cambridge to discuss a broad range of research topics related to Latin America at this year’s PILAS Conference from Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th of June. Participants were welcomed to Cambridge by a screening of Eugenio Polgovksy’s critically acclaimed documentary Los Herederos (Mexico, 2008) on Monday evening. Over the course of the following two days fifty-two delegates presented on a host of topics across seventeen conference panels and a poster display, maintaining the society’s welcoming, interdisciplinary atmosphere.

Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa (University of Cambridge) gave an excellent opening keynote highlighting the importance of research into racism in Latin America and it's relevance for wider international discussions on race and ethnicity in a "post-racial" context. Attendees benefited greatly from a lunchtime workshop on publishing in academic journals run by Professor Ann Varley, Dr Jasmine Gideon and Dr Geoffrey Kantaris, from the Bulletin of Latin American Research. On Tuesday evening, the editorial team of the magazine Street Signs,from the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths College, ran a session on the new Latin American Special Edition of their magazine. We followed this with a Conference Dinner in the beautiful surroundings of Newnham College. Finally, we were very pleased that Professor James Dunkerley (QMUL) agreed to close the conference with a wide-ranging and stimulating keynote that directly addressed the conference’s broad theme of ‘Latin America on the World Stage’.

2014 PILAS Conference
Sheffield 12-13 June 2014

More than 80 Postgraduate students from 18 UK Universities gathered to discuss about different aspects of Latin America in the PILAS Annual Conference 2014. The general theme was “Where is Latin America Heading?” As in previous years, engagement with the conference theme was optional because we, like recent committees, believe that the conference should be an inclusive event in which postgraduates in Latin American Studies can present on any aspect of their research.

During the two days Conference, a vibrant community of PhD students explored and debated diverse issues and trends in the region related to cultural studies, inequalities, urban planning, development, politics, education and the challenges of conducting fieldwork in Latin America. The conference had an excellent turnout with 84 attendees; 39 of whom presented papers in the conference’s 9 panels and posters’ presentation (following the good experience from the previous year).

We were delighted to host Professor Ronaldo Munck (Dublin City University) and Dr. Diego Sánchez-Ancochea (University of Oxford) as the two Keynote speakers of the event. The Conference also closed with a Roundtable of experts in Latin America from the University of Sheffield, including Professor Jean Grugel, Professor David Wood and Dr. Jairo Lugo-Ocando.

2013 PILAS Conference
University of Liverpool, 19-21 June 2013

The conference in Liverpool was well attended with 33 postgraduates giving papers on 12 panels, which covered a wide range of research topics from across many disciplines. The conference opened with the launch of its poster exhibition and a public lecture given by Dr Bernardo Muñoz entitled ‘Chile 40 Years On’ followed by a wine reception sponsored by Instituto Cervantes Manchester. We were delighted to welcome Professor Doreen Massey from the University of Oxford as our keynote speaker, who gave a talk on 'Alternative Power Geographies'. Additionally, several documentary screenings took place during the conference at venues across the city, including a number on the theme of the 40th anniversary of the Chilean coup, as well as the customary PILAS party, which took place in Lucha Libre.

Further information about the 2013 conference in Liverpool is available here.

2012 PILAS Conference
University of Oxford, 25th-27th June 2012. The 2012 Conference was attended by 82 postgraduates, including 62 paper presentations on 20 panels. Once again, the conference attracted a wide range of research topics from across many disciplines. We were honored to have Prof. Edwin Williamson (University of Oxford) as our excellent keynote speaker. The conference opened with the screening of two Latinamerican movies and closed with a guided tour of Oxford. You can view the 2012 Conference Programme [PDF], the 2012 Conference Poster and the Call for Papers 2012 [PDF].

2011 PILAS Conference
University of Cambridge, 27th-29th June 2011. The 2011 Conference was attended by 95 postgraduates, including 54 paper presentations on 19 panels. Once again, the conference attracted a wide range of research topics from across many disciplines. We were delighted to welcome two excellent keynote speakers, Dr. Geoffrey Kantaris (University of Cambridge) and Prof. Peter Wade (University of Manchester). The conference opened with the screening of 3 shorts, one by a postgraduate film-maker, and closed with punting on the river Cam. Full details of the conference are available in the 2011 Conference Programme [PDF]. You can also view the Call for Papers 2011 [PDF].

2010 PILAS Conference
University of Manchester, 15th-17th June 2010.
The 2010 Conference was attended by 111 postgraduates, including 63 paper presentations on 22 panels which addressed a wide spectrum of research topics. The conference featured two Plenary Lectures, given by Prof. Caroline Moser (University of Manchester) and Prof. Anthony McFarlane (University of Warwick). Additionally, the conference opened with a screening session of two postgraduate ethnographic documentaries, and closed with a guided History Tour through central Manchester, observing the city’s past relations with the Atlantic slave trade. The full conference schedule, including panels and paper titles, is available in the 2010 Conference Programme [PDF]. You can also view the call for papers [PDF].

2009 PILAS Conference
University of Cambridge, 25th-27th February 2009.
The 2009 Conference was attended by over 80 postgraduates, including approximately 50 paper presentations on 16 panels which covered a diverse range of topics. Keynote addresses were given by Dr. Charles Jones (University of Cambridge) and Dr. Julio Vezub (University of Patagonia / CENPAT-CONICET, Argentina). Conference details are available in the 2009 Conference Programme [Word].

2008 PILAS Conference
Due to circumstantial reasons, no PILAS conference was held in 2008.

2007 PILAS Conference
University of Liverpool, 31st January - 2nd February 2007.