PILAS Conference: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

The PILAS Conference is open to all postgraduate students, both at the master’s and doctoral level. Students between postgraduate degrees are normally eligible to participate. While PILAS is based in the UK, postgraduates residing outside the UK are always welcome to attend as well!

What if I already have a PhD?

Unfortunately, individuals who already have completed and received their PhD are not able to participate in PILAS. However, we would suggest that such individuals consider attending the annual SLAS conference instead (see http://www.slas.org.uk/).

In order to attend the conference, do I have to present a paper?

No. Postgraduate students who do not wish to present a paper are warmly invited to attend the conference and partake in discussions.

What topics are acceptable to present?

The PILAS Conference is open to ALL ASPECTS of research within the field of Latin American Studies. As such, papers from across the disciplines are welcomed, as the conference aims to reflect the wide range of interdisciplinary postgraduate research on Latin America.

Does my paper need to address the conference theme?

No. At PILAS, the general conference theme is merely a suggestion, and often is used as a guideline for the topics addressed by the Keynote Lectures. Paper proposals can be of ANY TOPIC related to the student’s research.

Presentation Specifications:

At this year’s conference, speakers will be allowed 20 minutes for their presentation (although in previous years this has been 15 minutes). So as to ensure equal presentation time for all speakers as well as to ensure sufficient time for questions and discussion for each panel, we ask that participants please make all efforts to stay within this time frame.


The PILAS Conference is FREE for all participants (both those who present papers and those who simply attend and partake in discussion). While there is no cost to attend the conference, however, at this moment PILAS unfortunately is not able to offer further financial support for student travel and accommodation costs. We suggest that students look for alternative sources of funding from their departments and universities.

Further questions:

For any further questions regarding the annual conference, please feel free to contact us (pilasconference@gmail.com).